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Handyman Services for Home Repairs and Maintenance

Get Professional Handyman Services in 2023 for Home Repairs and Maintenance

Do you want to transform your home into something unique but are unsure where to start? Ace Handyman Services can be a professional solution for your handyman work and repair needs. In this blog, we will cover some great benefits when working with them, how their convenient online scheduling system works, and helpful tips on seasonal maintenance and creative ideas to refresh any space without needing a complete remodel! Let’s begin by discussing what makes Ace Handyman so extraordinary in providing top-notch services for home improvement projects, with experienced professionals who are experts at taking care of those never-ending To Do lists full of repairs. They offer convenience that simplifies managing everything than DIYing it alone or hiring multiple people. Customers have access to an easy way to use their online scheduling feature, allowing individuals to track job progress from anywhere in real-time!

Short Summary

  • Ace Handyman Services provides comprehensive home repair and maintenance services with customer satisfaction guarantees.
  • Enjoy convenience and flexibility in scheduling, flat rate pricing packages, seasonal tips for home improvement projects & creative solutions to refresh your property without remodeling.
  • Rely on Ace Handyman Services’ expertise and craftsmanship to transform the appearance of your property with modern hardware & fixtures.

The Benefits of Ace Handyman Services

Handyman Services

As a locally owned Ace Handyman Services franchise of the trusted Ace Hardware brand of the franchise, they specialize in home improvement and remodeling services. With their time-tested concept that provides all the necessary tools and skills to complete your to-do list efficiently, as well as talented craftsmen, this business aims for customer satisfaction when it comes to any repair or maintenance needed around the house. Not only is quality guaranteed with each job performed by one of their best handymen, but Ace Handyman Services also offers a comprehensive range of services that make them stand out amongst other companies within the industry.

High-Quality Home Improvement

When it comes to home improvement, investing in high-quality workmanship and attention to detail is essential for boosting your property’s value and reducing long-term maintenance costs. This is why Ace the Handyman business, Handyman Services, offers excellent services that cover all aspects of handiwork from plumbing repairs, painting jobs, and electrical tasks, making them a dependable business for renovation projects! They offer seasonal tips on updating or refreshing any room without needing complete remodeling with their easy online booking system featuring affordable flat rate prices and flexible scheduling options. The professional staff at Ace Handyman are experts who have perfected the art behind successful handyman service delivery, so take advantage today!

Comprehensive Range of Services

Handyman Service

When you hire Ace Handyman Services, you know they will arrive with all the necessary tools and supplies to finish your home project professionally. Their talented craftspeople boast an extensive range of over 1,162 different kinds of house repairs and maintenance jobs. So whether it’s putting together furniture pieces, patching up walls, or dealing with leaky faucets, these are the experts for any task. This allows family members more free time since their residence is in capable hands thanks to some of the best handymen.

Fix a leaky faucet Hang a picture or mirror Install a new light fixture
Change a doorknob Changing locks Replacing hinges
Repair a loose hinge Fix a broken window Install a new toilet seat
Replacing Light Bulbs Unclog a drain Install a new garbage disposal
Fix a leaky roof Install a new fence Furniture Assembly
Paint a room Install new flooring Install a new door
Install new cabinets Install a new deck Repairing Drywall
Installing shelves Repairing or replacing screens Staining or painting furniture
Fixing loose tiles Installing or repairing blinds Replacing weatherstripping
Cleaning, repairing, or replacing gutters Installing or repairing smoke detectors Installing carbon monoxide detectors
Changing air filters Replacing light switches and outlets Installing or repairing ceiling fans
Mounting TVs General cleaning and maintenance and many more …

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ace Handyman Services, a reliable name backed by Brand America and renowned in the home improvement industry as an ace brand, places immense value on customer satisfaction. All work performed by their multi-skilled craftsmen is supported with a one-year warranty to grant you tranquility when selecting them for your job needs.

If circumstances have left you dissatisfied with any service provided through Ace Handyman Services, they strive to rectify this situation using multiple solutions. Whether it be partial or full refunding services rendered, replacement repairs complete repair jobs should Issues present themselves after completion of the task at hand.

Picking Ace Handyman’s professional handymen committed to delivering quality results every time, no matter what size project may come along, will leave homeowners and business owners alike feeling confident about whom they decide to employ for their job necessities, whether great or small!

The Convenience of Online Scheduling

Handyman Services Scheduling

Ace Handyman Services makes booking a home improvement project stress-free with its efficient online scheduling system. With the option to book an appointment whenever you like and flat-rate pricing packages. Ace provides exceptional customer service that eliminates hidden fees or any complexity regarding scheduling appointments. Say goodbye to worrying about projects as they provide quick solutions on your terms.

Their commitment to quality is seen through providing customers with choices when finding tailored services. Whether picking out specific handymen for individual tasks or selecting from various offers available within the industry, Ace ensures convenience at all times by ensuring these processes are accessible so you can focus on what matters most: getting help around your house!

Simple and User-Friendly

Ace Handyman Services offers an easy-to-navigate online appointment system that even non-tech-savvy customers can benefit from. With automated reminders and the ability to sync with other calendars, it is designed to make booking appointments a breeze while fitting perfectly into your daily schedule. Discover how simple their user-friendly scheduling service truly is today!

Flexibility in Scheduling

Life is often uncertain, which Ace Handyman Services takes into account. This means that clients can be flexible with the times of their appointments or jobs and change them to fit any new availability issues they may experience.

Ace Handyman has developed an online scheduling system tailored to people’s needs – featuring a drag-and-drop calendar tool, job dispatching done instantly, and powerful appointment dashboards designed to help alleviate stress levels and save time on handyman services.

Ace Handyman Services Charleston

Flat Rate Pricing

For projects related to home improvement, Ace Handyman Services offers flat-rate pricing with no hidden costs. With rates ranging from $60-$100, customers can be assured that their budget will not exceed the agreed-upon total cost for a project. This allows them to plan and prepare ahead of time without any surprise fees once the job is completed.

Ace Handyman’s level of transparency ensures peace of mind while providing handyman services, giving you all the information necessary before starting your project so there are zero surprises in store!

Pricing Packages

Ace Handyman Services offers tailored packages to address the varying requirements of its customers. You can choose from half-day or full-day plans, and rest assured that you are getting maximum value for your money with any choice. Let Ace’s experienced professionals handle all of your home improvement needs efficiently.

These pricing options allow homeowners a flexible solution when selecting services, accommodating those requiring quick fixes and larger projects such as more substantial renovations while still delivering an unbeatable service at competitive prices by ACE Handyman Services’ highly skilled staff members.

Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance

Ace Handyman Services is the ideal solution for keeping your home at its best throughout the year. They provide expert tips and services to ensure you are well-prepared to maintain a healthy, happy residence – regardless of our season!

During spring, they can inspect your roofing and gutters, while during winter, their experience with winterizing homes offers much-needed protection against extreme cold weather. With Ace Handyman on hand every step of the way, homeowners don’t have to worry about seasonal maintenance ever again!

Preparing for Winter

Ace Handyman Services can give you all the tools, advice, and assistance needed to ensure your home remains efficient, warm, and secure during winter—their experienced staff helps supply solutions such as caulking doors & windows. Weather-stripping doorways and insulating water lines will also clean out rain gutters, all of which may help protect against costly damages or repairs later on. Ace Handyman is here for you with dependable services, so your house stays in good condition even in harsh times!

Spring Cleaning and Repairs

Handyman near me

As the winter winds down and a new life emerges, now is an excellent time for Ace Handyman Services to help you spruce up your home with our wide range of spring cleaning and repair services. Our team provides expert solutions that can deep clean any area and assess it for damages before offering commercial maintenance options tailored just for you!

At Ace Handyman Services, we understand what a refreshing experience reviving old living spaces can be for new owners. We are dedicated to providing quality handymen who will take care of all necessary repairs while bringing fresh energy back into each room in your house.

Summer and Fall Projects

Ace Handyman Services can help you turn those home improvement dreams into reality as the season changes. Their proficient technicians are here to assist with bringing your vision of home projects, such as pressure-washing outdoor areas or constructing a shed, to life.

From decluttering and dejunking to giving everything in the house a fresh makeover through painting. An array of services from Ace Handyman for summer & fall-inspired work will instantly transform any space.

Refreshing Your Home Without Remodeling

Charleston Handyman Services

Ace Handyman Services offers ingenious ideas, popular services, and top-quality work to bring your house up-to-date without undertaking a primary remodeling job. Instead of tearing everything apart, their creative solutions can quickly spruce up the living area with minimal disruption or costs.

Ace Handyman Services Charleston

From installing accent walls to replacing fixtures, Ace Handyman allows homeowners to get the new look they want while maintaining their budget and avoiding stress from full renovations. By providing these services that focus on renewing life into spaces, we eliminate all the work and hassle of refurbishing homes!

Accent Walls and Decorative Touches

Ace Handyman Services can help you bring life to your home with accent walls and unique decorative touches. Their design expertise allows them to create beautiful focal points in the room that add extra personality. Ace is there for embellishments such as artwork or unique lighting fixtures – budget-friendly solutions that give an updated feel without requiring extensive remodeling.

Updating Hardware and Fixtures

Handyman Services Plumbing

For people who don’t want to do a complete remodel, Ace Handyman Services has the full skill set and expertise in handyman matters to help breathe new life into their homes. Replacing old hardware or fixtures with updated models is one way they can easily change its look- installing cabinet door knobs, modernizing faucets, or fixing the lighting. You name it! Our professional team of craftsmen guarantees minimal disruption as your property gets an impressive makeover that adds value too. No wonder ace handiwork remains essential when sprucing up any house design-wise!


Ace Handyman Services are expert in providing high-quality home improvement and remodeling services. For customer convenience, they offer a user-friendly online scheduling system with flexible price packages tailored to individual needs. They also provide seasonal maintenance advice and creative options for giving homes an updated look without fully renovating them! If you want your house transformed into the place of your dreams, reach out to Ace today! Their professional team guarantees satisfaction and superior workmanship – so don’t hesitate to contact them now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do most handyman charge per hour?

Our experienced craftsman costs $150 per hour.  Materials used for the job are added to the final price tag.

What is the job description of a handyman?

As a Handyman, it would be your duty to handle various maintenance and repair assignments for homes. This can range from plumbing jobs to electrical tasks as well as putting together and assembling furniture and pieces or relocating bulky items like machines and appliances, along with other responsibilities given. You must possess the required expertise to carry out these duties correctly and effectively.

Complete home maintenance is one of your primary obligations. You will need competency in completing repairs while also ensuring that each task assigned is finished promptly according to specifications needed by clients and employees.

How to get a handyman in my area?

With ACE Handyman Services, finding a reliable and capable handyman in Charleston is easy.  Our Handyman service the Lowcountry, including: – Isle of Palms – Mt Pleasant – Hanahan – Kiawah Island – Wadmalaw Island – Charleston AFB – Summerville – Ladson – Woodville – Moncks Corner – North Charleston – Awendaw – Jamestown – Ridgeville – Goose Creek – Seabrook Island.

Who is called a handyman?

A handyman is an individual who possesses a variety of abilities related to odd jobs, home maintenance, and repairs. These jobs often involve fixing leaking taps, painting walls, or installing shelves, requiring somebody skilled in the field. Handypersons can also take on these same projects with their own set of competencies.

What is the range of services offered by Ace Handyman Services?

Ace Handyman is a one-stop shop for all home repairs and maintenance, with expertise in plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and painting, to name just a few. Whatever project you have around the house, they can help, boasting over 1162 projects that their services cover! Ace Handyman Services are here to take care of your needs quickly and efficiently. Ace Handyman Services offers a variety of Packages, all designed to help you love your home.  From simple upgrades to home enhancements to those tasks in your home you never think about, we have you covered.

  • Half-Day Packages
  • Full-Day Packages
  • Mount a TV Package
  • Pet Door Package
  • Kitchen Fire Safety Package
  • Accent Wall Package
  • Kitchen Backsplash Package
  • Outdoor Tune-Up Package
  • Organization & Shelving Package
  • Smart Blinds Package
  • and many more


Ace Handyman Services in Charleston is a full-service home improvement company that provides quality workmanship and excellent customer service that offers a wide range of services.

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Serving All of Charleston:

  • Isle of Palms
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Hanahan
  • Kiawah Island
  • Wadmalaw Island
  • Charleston AFB
  • Summerville
  • Ladson
  • Woodville
  • Moncks Corner
  • North Charleston
  • Awendaw
  • Jamestown
  • Ridgeville
  • Goose Creek
  • Seabrook Island

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