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Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Remodel Costs

Wondering how much a bathroom remodel would set you back? Well, on average, a bathroom remodel cost can range between $2,000 to $18,000, with most homeowners spending around $5,500. These costs depend on the scope of your project and whether you’re undertaking a minor renovation or a major remodel. The time taken for these projects can additionally range from 5 to 30 days, dependent on the project’s size and extent.

At Ace Handyman, we want to make sure these costs and timelines are clear to you. Let’s delve into the complexities of remodeling, helping you understand how seemingly small decisions can impact your project’s budget and timeline. Every remodel, renovation, or simple handyman service we provide is aimed at making you love your home even more!

Now, before we get too far in, let’s set the right expectations with respect to costs. Here’s a breakdown based on the type of bathroom remodel:

Type of Bathroom Remodel Average Cost Average Time
Half-bath remodel $2,000–$5,000 5–7 days
Full bath remodel $6,000–$15,000 10–14 days
Primary bath remodel $10,000–$30,000 15–25 days
Wet room installation $11,000–$18,000 10–30 days
Luxury bath remodel $50,000+ 15–30 days

Bathroom Remodel Cost Infographic - how much does it cost for bathroom remodel infographic pillar-4-steps

In this in-depth guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about bathroom remodel costs. From understanding the difference between a renovation and remodel to pinpointing factors that significantly influence cost, we’ve got you covered. Both your wallet and your peace of mind will thank you. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Difference Between Bathroom Renovation and Remodel

Deciding to upgrade your bathroom requires understanding the difference between a bathroom renovation and a bathroom remodel. This distinction is vital as it directly impacts the complexity of the project, the cost, and whether or not you should hire a professional like us at Ace Handyman.

A bathroom renovation is generally less intensive and focuses more on cosmetic changes. This can involve installing new flooring or fixtures, painting cabinetry, or adding a new mirror. The layout remains untouched, and there’s no major construction involved. As this type of project is less complex, it’s usually possible to manage a bathroom renovation yourself and keep costs relatively low.

On the other hand, a bathroom remodel is a more construction-heavy project. It can involve tasks such as knocking down walls, rearranging the layout, or installing new appliances and cabinetry. These types of projects often require plumbing and electrical expertise, making them best left to professionals. As a result, remodels tend to be more expensive than renovations.

Knowing the difference between these two types of projects is the first step in understanding how much does it cost for a bathroom remodel. If you’re contemplating a full remodel, you’re likely looking at a more substantial investment than a simple renovation.

The good news is, at Ace Handyman, we’re well-equipped to handle both renovations and remodels. Whether you’re looking for minor cosmetic changes or a complete overhaul of your bathroom, our team of skilled craftsmen have the experience and expertise to bring your vision to life. We’ll discuss the scope of your project, your budget, and your vision to provide you with an accurate quote.

Bathroom Remodel - how much does it cost for bathroom remodel

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the factors that influence the cost of a bathroom remodel and how you can get the most value for your investment.

Factors Influencing the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

When you’re asking the question: ‘how much does it cost for a bathroom remodel?’, understand that costs can vary widely based on several factors. Some of these include the size of your bathroom, the extent of the remodel, the types of fixtures and finishes you choose, and any additional features or modifications you want to make. Let’s explore each of these factors in more detail.

Size of the Bathroom

The size of your bathroom directly impacts the cost of the remodel. Larger bathrooms require more materials and labor, which will increase the overall cost. For instance, as per the Architectural Digest report, the cost per square foot for a bathroom remodel can range from $600 to $800. Therefore, the total cost will depend on the total square footage of your bathroom.

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Extent of the Project

The scope of your bathroom remodel also greatly affects the cost. If you’re planning a full remodel, which includes substantial changes to the layout and plumbing, you can expect to pay more than a partial remodel where only certain features like cabinets, fixtures, and walls are updated. In general, a full remodel is more time-consuming and requires more materials and labor, thereby driving up the cost.

Updating Cabinetry, Countertops, Faucets and Plumbing

The type of updates you choose can also significantly impact the cost. For example, installing new cabinetry, countertops, faucets, and plumbing fixtures can be a major expense. The material you choose for your countertops can range from inexpensive laminate to more costly options like quartz or marble. According to Architectural Digest, you can expect to pay between $350 and $4,000 for new countertops, depending on the material.

Updating Toilets, Flooring, Light Fixtures, and Ventilation

Upgrading toilets, flooring, light fixtures, and ventilation systems also contribute to the overall cost. High-end fixtures and finishes will cost more, but they can greatly enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Depending on your style preferences and budget, you can opt for economical or luxury options.

Additional Features and Modifications

Lastly, any additional features or modifications you want to add will increase the cost. For instance, if you want to install a new window or door, add a steam shower, or make accessibility modifications, you can expect to pay more.

At Ace Handyman, we understand that every bathroom remodel is unique, and we’re here to help you make the most of your budget. Our experienced team will work with you to create a plan that meets your needs and preferences, ensuring a remodel that enhances your home’s function and value.

The Wet Area: The Most Expensive Part of a Bathroom Remodel

The ‘wet area’ in a bathroom is a term that refers to the sections of your bathroom that are designed to handle water, such as the tub, shower, and the surrounding walls. It’s also the most expensive part to remodel in a bathroom. This is because it often involves substantial plumbing work, purchasing new fixtures, and installing moisture-resistant materials.

Cost of Bathtub and Shower Remodel

When it comes to remodeling your bathtub or shower, the cost can vary greatly. A new bathtub alone can cost anywhere from $600 for a simple alcove tub to $5,000 or more for a jetted bathtub, not including the labor to install it. For showers, the least expensive option is a prefab unit, which you can DIY install for a minimum of about $525. However, a professional installation of a custom shower can cost up to $10,000 since it usually includes new tile, plumbing modifications, and more.

At Ace Handyman, we have experience in a wide range of bathtub and shower remodels. We can help guide you through the process, offering solutions for every budget and style. Whether you’re just looking to refinish your current tub or you’re dreaming of a custom-designed shower, our team is here to make your vision a reality.

bathtub and shower remodel - how much does it cost for bathroom remodel

Cost of Wall Surrounds Remodel

The walls surrounding your tub or shower are also considered part of the wet area. This is a crucial part of the project since these walls need to be waterproof and resistant to humidity and heat. The cost of remodeling the wall surrounds can be influenced by the material you choose, the size of the area, and the complexity of the installation.

To give you an estimate, the cost of tile, which is one of the most common materials used in wet areas, can range from $2 to $15 per square foot for the tile itself. The cost of labor to install the tile can add an additional $4 to $14 per square foot.

At Ace Handyman, we are experts when it comes to installing wall surrounds. We can help you choose the best materials for your project and ensure they are installed correctly to prevent any future water damage.

To sum up, the cost of remodeling the wet area of your bathroom can be significant, but it’s an investment that can greatly increase the functionality, appearance, and value of your home. As always, the team at Ace Handyman is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you get the best results for your budget.

Knowing ‘how much does it cost for bathroom remodel’ depends largely on the specifics of your project. Whether it’s a small improvement or a major overhaul, we’re excited to help you create a bathroom you’ll love.

wall surrounds remodel - how much does it cost for bathroom remodel

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Additional Costs to Consider in a Bathroom Remodel

As you plan your bathroom remodel, it’s important to be aware of potential additional costs that may not be immediately apparent. These can include permit fees, accessibility modifications, geographical location, and disposal of materials.


The total cost of your remodel may require you to obtain a permit, especially if the project involves significant changes to your bathroom’s structure or plumbing. Each city has different building codes and requirements, so it’s crucial to check with your local planning or building department when designing your new bathroom and making your budget. As an Ace Handyman customer, we are committed to assisting you with the permit application process.

Accessibility Modifications

If you need to make your bathroom more accessible, you might need to invest in ADA-accessible appliances. These can be more expensive and might take up more space. For instance, a top-of-the-line walk-in tub or roll-in shower will likely cost more than a standard tub or shower. Furthermore, features like grab bars and shower seats enhance safety but can increase material and labor costs.

Geographical Location

Your geographical location can also significantly influence the material and labor costs of a bathroom remodel. Depending on where you live, the cost of remodeling can vary. Make sure to get a detailed estimate of your specific project before assessing your budget.

Disposal of Materials

During a bathroom remodel, there’s bound to be a fair amount of waste material. You may have fixtures you no longer need, flooring that’s been removed, or even an entire wall to get rid of. Discuss with your Ace Handyman contractor who will be in charge of disposal and what the best method is. If it’s not possible to dispose of the materials yourself safely, you may need to hire a specialized waste company. It’s essential to note that work performed in houses built before 1978 may release asbestos and lead dust, which must be removed and disposed of by a professional.

We understand that the question of ‘how much does it cost for bathroom remodel’ can seem daunting. But rest assured, at Ace Handyman, we are committed to transparency and will help you navigate through the entire process to avoid any unexpected costs.

Benefits of Remodeling a Bathroom

As an expert in home improvement services, we at Ace Handyman know that a bathroom remodel can provide numerous benefits. Let’s explore some of the key advantages and why they make the cost of bathroom remodel worthwhile.

Return on Investment

First and foremost, a bathroom remodel can significantly increase the value of your home. According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, a midrange bathroom remodel recoups an average of 58.9% of its cost. This means that not only does a bathroom remodel enhance the look and functionality of your home, but it also offers a substantial return on investment when you decide to sell.

Improved Safety

Remodeling your bathroom can also improve safety, particularly if you have an older home or a resident with limited mobility. Whether it’s relocating electrical outlets away from water sources, adding more lighting, or installing user-friendly fixtures, a remodel can help make your bathroom safer for everyone.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Upgrading appliances and light fixtures in your bathroom can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. By installing low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads, you can conserve water. And switching to LED light fixtures can help lower your electricity bill. As your trusted handyman service provider, we can advise you on the best energy-efficient options for your bathroom.

More Storage

One of the most common complaints we hear at Ace Handyman is about the lack of storage in bathrooms. A well-planned remodel can add more cabinetry or create a more efficient layout, improving your bathroom’s functionality and appearance. Whether you need to store toiletries, towels, or cleaning supplies, we can help design a bathroom that meets your storage needs.

Updated Design

Lastly, a bathroom remodel can give your outdated bathroom a fresh, modern look. If your current bathroom isn’t your style, our skilled craftsmen can help bring your vision to life. An updated bathroom design can not only make the space more enjoyable for you but also add to your home’s overall appeal.

In conclusion, a bathroom remodel can provide significant benefits, making it a worthwhile investment. If you’re considering a remodel and wondering ‘how much does it cost for bathroom remodel’, don’t hesitate to contact us at Ace Handyman. Our team of experts will be happy to guide you through the process and provide a detailed estimate for your specific project.

Hiring a Professional vs DIY Bathroom Remodel

When considering a bathroom remodel, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus hiring a professional. Let’s break down a few scenarios where one option might be preferable over the other.

When to Hire a Professional

Undoubtedly, there are a few instances where it’s recommended to hire a professional, like us at Ace Handyman.

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  1. Complex Tasks: For starters, if your remodel includes complex tasks like modifying plumbing or electrical connections, it’s safer and more efficient to hire an expert. These tasks require a deep understanding of local zoning regulations and restrictions, and a mistake could lead to costly repairs.

  2. Large Projects: Larger projects that involve moving fixtures or altering the overall layout of the bathroom are best left to professionals. A professional remodeling contractor, like our ACE HANDYMAN TEAM LEAD, will ensure the work is done correctly and efficiently.

  3. Quality and Warranty: If you want a polished final result and a warranty on the work, hiring a professional is the way to go. At Ace Handyman, we cover our work if something breaks due to an accident, a guarantee you don’t get when doing it yourself.

When to Consider a DIY Remodel

On the other hand, there are situations where a do-it-yourself approach might be more suitable.

  1. Simple Tasks: If your remodel consists of simple tasks like changing a faucet, switching out a vanity, or painting the walls, these can be tackled on your own.

  2. Cost Savings: DIY can also be an attractive option for those looking to save on labor costs, which account for 40% to 65% of the total project cost. You could potentially save between $1,500 and $5,300 on labor for a small full bath remodel.

  3. Personal Satisfaction: Some homeowners enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project with their own hands. If you’re comfortable with tools and have the necessary experience, a DIY bathroom remodel can be a rewarding experience.

However, it’s important to remember that while DIY can save you money upfront, it could potentially cost more in the long run if mistakes are made. So, if you’re asking ‘how much does it cost for bathroom remodel’, consider the potential long-term costs of a DIY project as well.

At Ace Handyman, we’re here to help, whether that means handling the entire remodel or stepping in for the more complex tasks. Our goal is to deliver an outstanding customer experience and ensure 100% satisfaction. So, no matter the size or complexity of your bathroom remodel, reach out to us for a detailed and transparent estimate. We’re here to make your bathroom remodel a smooth and stress-free project.

How to Save on Bathroom Remodel Costs

As you dive into your bathroom remodel, you might be wondering how much does it cost for a bathroom remodel and what steps you can take to manage your budget effectively. At Ace Handyman, we believe in transparency and giving our clients control over their projects. Here are some strategies we recommend to keep your bathroom remodel costs in check.

Solidifying the Remodel Plan in Advance

The first step in controlling your bathroom remodel cost is to solidify your plan in advance. This means having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with your remodel, the materials you want to use, and the changes you want to make to your bathroom’s layout. Avoiding last-minute changes or additions can save you from costly surprises or redos.

Researching Cost-Effective Materials

The choice of materials can significantly impact how much it costs for a bathroom remodel. We suggest doing some research or talking to us about material alternatives that are more cost-effective. For example, opting for laminate flooring instead of hardwood or choosing a less expensive tile can help you save on materials without sacrificing your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Keeping the Existing Layout

One of the most significant expenses in a bathroom remodel comes from reworking the room’s layout. If you can, stick to the original layout of your bathroom. This can save you thousands on moving plumbing and electrical fixtures. However, if a layout change is necessary for your vision or the functionality of the space, we’re here to help make that happen in the most cost-effective way possible.

Refinishing Instead of Replacing Certain Fixtures

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint or a new finish can breathe new life into a bathroom fixture. Instead of replacing your bathtub or sink, consider refinishing them. This approach can save you money on buying new fixtures and installation costs.

Doing Some Tasks Yourself

Lastly, consider handling some aspects of the remodel yourself. Tasks like painting walls or installing simple fixtures can be done by most homeowners. However, it’s important to know your limits and leave complex tasks, like electrical work or plumbing, to us, the professionals.

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At Ace Handyman, we’re committed to providing excellent, affordable and timely services. We’ll work with you to determine the best ways to save on your bathroom remodel costs without compromising on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Remodel Costs

Understanding how much it costs for a bathroom remodel can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time undertaking such a project. Here, we answer your most common questions to help you better estimate your bathroom remodel cost.

What is a Realistic Budget for a Bathroom Remodel?

A bathroom remodel can vary greatly in cost, depending on the size of the bathroom and the extent of the project. According to our expert at Ace Handyman, ACE HANDYMAN TEAM LEAD, an average bathroom remodel cost is $10,978, but this can range between $2,500 and $80,000. It’s important to consider your personal needs, preferences, and budget when planning your project. We at Ace Handyman are always ready to discuss your options and provide a comprehensive quote for your specific project.

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Bathroom Remodel?

The most expensive part of a bathroom remodel is usually the wet area, which includes the bathtub, shower, or a combination of both, as well as the walls around it. A tub alone can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Labor also represents a significant cost, usually accounting for 20%–65% of the final cost.

Why are Bathroom Remodels so Expensive?

Bathroom remodels tend to be costly due to the skilled labor involved, including plumbing and electrical work. High-end materials and fixtures can also add to the overall cost. Furthermore, if your remodel requires changes to the room’s layout, these can increase costs as well.

Is it Cheaper to Remodel a Bathroom Yourself?

While taking the DIY route can save you on labor costs, it’s crucial to remember that bathroom remodeling often involves complex tasks that require professional expertise. If you’re not experienced, you could end up with poor results or even create more costly problems down the line. According to ACE HANDYMAN TEAM LEAD, doing it yourself could save 40% to 50% off the total cost. However, at Ace Handyman, we believe in providing value for your money with our professional, high-quality services.

We hope this guide has answered some of your questions about bathroom remodel costs. If you have more questions or are ready to start planning your remodel, contact us at Ace Handyman today. We’re here to help you with every step of your bathroom remodel project, ensuring you get the results you desire within your budget.

In conclusion, the answer to ‘how much does it cost for a bathroom remodel’ is largely dependent on the size of your bathroom, the extent of the project, the materials you choose, and the labor costs in your area. The costs can range from $2,000 to $18,000, with an average cost of $5,500 for a typical bathroom remodel. However, this can vary greatly depending on whether you’re simply renovating or conducting a full remodel.

While the upfront cost of a bathroom remodel can seem high, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits. These include an increase in your home’s value, improved safety, and enhanced energy efficiency. A bathroom remodel is an investment that can provide substantial returns, both financially and in terms of your overall quality of life.

At Ace Handyman, we understand that every bathroom remodel project is unique and requires a customized approach. Our team of skilled craftsmen is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable, and timely services to meet your specific needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from minor repairs to major remodeling projects, ensuring that your bathroom is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We encourage you to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll join the thousands of satisfied homeowners who have trusted us with their bathroom remodel projects in the past 30 days alone. We look forward to partnering with you on your next home improvement project and helping you create the bathroom of your dreams.

For more information about our services and how we can assist with your bathroom remodel, please explore the various packages we offer. We’re confident that we can provide the solutions you need to love your home even more.

bathroom remodel - how much does it cost for bathroom remodel

We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into the costs associated with a bathroom remodel. When it comes to enhancing your home, quality workmanship and attention to detail can make all the difference. Trust Ace Handyman to deliver the outstanding results you deserve.

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