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Handyman Pricing: How Much Does a Day of Service Cost?


When it comes to home repairs and small projects, hiring a professional handyman can be both convenient and cost-effective. The average daily rate for a handyman varies based on location, skill level, and the complexity of tasks. Here are some key figures to help you budget:

  • National average hourly rate: $60-$75
  • Average daily rate: $400-$600
  • Minimum charge for small jobs: $60-$100

Ace Handyman Services in Charleston, SC, offers a reliable option for homeowners needing diverse repair and improvement services. Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet or installing new fixtures, understanding the cost structure can save you time and money.

With clear pricing and skilled technicians, Ace Handyman Services Charleston is committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and excellent customer care. This ensures your home projects are completed promptly and effectively.

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Understanding Handyman Rates

When hiring a handyman, it’s important to understand how they charge for their services. Knowing the hourly rate, daily rate, minimum charge, and flat-rate pricing can help you budget effectively for your home projects.

Hourly Rate

The average hourly rate for a handyman ranges from $60 to $75. However, this can vary significantly based on location, the complexity of the job, and the handyman’s experience. For example, in high-cost areas like California or Denver, rates can reach up to $125-$139 per hour. On the lower end, some handymen charge between $40 and $50 per hour, especially in areas with a lower cost of living.

Daily Rate

For larger projects or multiple small tasks, some handymen offer a daily rate. The average daily rate typically falls between $400 and $600. This rate can provide better value if you have a list of tasks that can be completed within a day. It’s also common for handymen to offer discounts when you book them for an entire day.

Minimum Charge

Many handymen have a minimum charge to cover their travel time and basic expenses. This minimum charge usually ranges from $60 to $100. For instance, if a job takes only 30 minutes but the handyman’s minimum charge is $75, you will still pay the $75. This ensures that the handyman’s operating costs are covered, even for small tasks.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Some handymen offer flat-rate pricing for common tasks, which can simplify budgeting. Here are some examples of flat-rate pricing:

TaskAverage Cost
Replace attic ladder$150
Replace toilet$75
Replace ceiling fan and light fixtures$75
Replace faucet$125
Replace garbage disposal$75

Flat-rate pricing can be advantageous because it provides a clear expectation of cost, regardless of how long the job takes. However, it’s important to ensure that all details are included in the quote to avoid any surprises.

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Understanding these different pricing structures can help you choose the best handyman service for your needs and ensure you get good value for your money.

Factors Influencing Handyman Costs

When hiring a handyman, several factors can influence the cost, including location, experience, job complexity, materials, and travel costs. Understanding these elements can help you estimate expenses accurately and get the best value for your money.

Ace Handyman Services Charleston


Where you live significantly impacts the cost of handyman services. In areas with a high cost of living, such as urban centers, rates can be higher. For example, handymen in New York City or San Francisco might charge more than those in smaller towns or rural areas. This is due to higher operating costs, such as rent and insurance.


A handyman’s experience and expertise also play a crucial role in pricing. Experienced handymen with specialized skills may charge more per hour or per job. For instance, a handyman with 20 years of experience handling complex electrical work will likely have higher rates than someone just starting in the field.

Job Complexity

The complexity of the task affects the cost. Simple tasks like hanging pictures or assembling furniture are usually less expensive compared to more complex jobs like minor plumbing work or electrical repairs. More complex tasks often require specialized tools and expertise, which can increase the overall cost.


The cost of materials needed for the job can also influence the total price. While many handymen carry basic supplies like nails, screws, and bolts, specialized materials will add to the cost. For example, if you’re replacing a faucet, the price of the faucet and any additional plumbing parts will be added to your bill.

Travel Costs

Handymen may charge extra for travel, especially if your location is far from their usual service area. Travel fees can be a flat rate or a per-mile charge. For instance, one handyman might charge a travel fee of $10 for trips longer than 30 minutes, while another might charge 50 cents per mile for distances over 25 miles.

Understanding these factors can help you plan and budget more effectively for handyman services. By considering location, experience, job complexity, materials, and travel costs, you can make informed decisions and get the best value for your money.

Average Daily Rate for Handyman

The average daily rate for a handyman can vary widely depending on several factors. Let’s break it down:

National Average

On average, a handyman charges $320 to $600 per day. This rate can cover a full day of various tasks, from minor repairs to more complex projects. However, this is just a ballpark figure and can fluctuate based on other considerations.

Regional Differences

Location plays a significant role in determining handyman rates. For example, handymen in high-cost areas like California or Denver often charge more—sometimes over $100 per hour. In contrast, those in rural areas might charge significantly less, around $35 to $65 per hour.

For instance, a handyman in Charleston might have different rates compared to one in New York City due to the cost of living and demand for services.

Ace Handyman Services Charleston

Self-employed vs. Corporate

The type of handyman service you choose also affects the cost. Self-employed handymen typically charge $50 to $80 per hour, while corporate handymen can charge between $75 and $125 per hour.

Here’s a quick comparison:

TypeHourly Rate
Self-Employed$50 – $80
Corporate$75 – $125

Material Markup

Materials can add a significant amount to your bill. If a handyman buys the materials, expect a markup of 20% to 50%. There might also be a trip charge of $30 to $80 for getting materials.

For example, if you need a new light fixture installed and the handyman buys it for you, the cost of the fixture could be marked up by 20% to 50%, plus any additional trip charges.

Understanding these factors can help you get a clearer picture of what to expect when hiring a handyman. Always ask for a detailed breakdown of costs, including labor and materials, to avoid surprises.

Next, we’ll explore how to get the best value for your handyman services.

How to Get the Best Value for Handyman Services

Getting the best value for your handyman services is essential. Here are some practical tips to help you save money and ensure quality work.

Bundling Jobs

Combine multiple tasks into one visit. Handymen often have a minimum charge, so making the most of their time can save you money. For example, if you need a leaky faucet fixed and a ceiling fan installed, scheduling them together can be more cost-effective than separate visits.

Buying Materials

Purchase your own materials to avoid markup costs. Handymen may charge a 20% to 50% markup on materials they buy for you. By purchasing the materials yourself, you can save on these extra costs. Just make sure to consult with the handyman to ensure you get the right items.


Plan and communicate clearly. Write down the exact details of each job, including dimensions, paint colors, and any specific requirements. Take several photos from different angles to share with the handyman. This helps them understand what tools and materials to bring, making the job quicker and more efficient.


Don’t hesitate to negotiate. Some handymen are open to negotiating their rates, especially if you’re bundling multiple tasks. Ask about discounts, especially if you’re a low-income senior, veteran, or disabled individual. Discuss rates and payment methods upfront to avoid misunderstandings.


Look for special offers and discounts. Some companies offer discounts for specific groups or during certain times of the year. Always ask if there are any ongoing promotions or discounts you might be eligible for.

By following these tips, you can maximize the value you get from handyman services while ensuring high-quality work. Next, let’s take a look at the range of services offered by Ace Handyman.

Handyman Services Offered by Ace Handyman

Ace Handyman Services offers a wide range of services to meet your home improvement and repair needs. Here are some of the key services they provide:

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs are the bread and butter of handyman services. Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet, repairing drywall, or replacing faulty parts, Ace Handyman can handle it. These small tasks may seem trivial, but they can prevent bigger problems down the road.

Ace Handyman Services Charleston

For example, a leaky faucet might cost you $150 to $900 to fix, but ignoring it could lead to water damage that requires a costly flooring replacement. By addressing minor issues quickly, you save money and keep your home in good shape.

Bathroom Remodeling

Dreaming of a new bathroom? Ace Handyman Services can help make that dream a reality. From upgrading fixtures to complete overhauls, they have the skills to transform your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling can add significant value to your home. Imagine replacing an outdated sink with a modern one or installing a new shower. These changes not only improve functionality but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Ace Handyman Services isn’t just for homeowners. They also offer comprehensive maintenance services for commercial properties. This includes everything from routine preventative maintenance to more extensive repairs and installations.

Preventative maintenance is crucial for businesses. Regular tasks like cleaning, lubrication, and part replacements can extend the life of your equipment and save money in the long run. Plus, keeping your property in top shape ensures compliance with safety codes and provides peace of mind.

Customized Service Plans

Every business has unique needs. Ace Handyman Services offers customized service plans tailored to your specific requirements. This ensures that all necessary maintenance and repairs are handled efficiently, keeping your commercial property in excellent condition.

From minor fixes to major projects, Ace Handyman Services has you covered. Their experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality work and exceptional customer service. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you can trust them to take care of your property.

Next, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about handyman services to help you make informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Handyman Services

What’s included in a handyman’s daily rate?

A handyman’s daily rate typically covers a wide range of tasks. This can include:

  • Labor Costs: The main component is the labor for the hours worked.
  • Basic Supplies: Common items like nails, screws, and other minor materials.
  • Travel Time: Time spent traveling to your location may also be included.

Many handymen offer a flat daily rate to make it easier for clients to budget. For example, the average daily rate for a handyman can range from $300 to $600, depending on your location and the complexity of the tasks. Always ask for a detailed breakdown to understand what’s covered.

How can I estimate the cost of a handyman project?

Estimating the cost of a handyman project involves several steps:

  1. List Tasks: Clearly define what you need done. For example, replacing a faucet, painting a room, or installing a ceiling fan.
  2. Get Quotes: Obtain at least three quotes from different handymen to compare prices.
  3. Ask Questions: Inquire about their experience, rates, and if they provide a written contract.
  4. Check Materials: Decide if you’ll purchase materials yourself or if the handyman will provide them. This can affect the overall cost.
  5. Read Reviews: Look at reviews and ask for references to ensure quality work.

Example: If you need a room painted, the cost might include labor at $60-$75 per hour plus the cost of paint. For a 12×12 room, it can take around 4 hours, costing you about $500-$600 in total.

Why do handyman rates vary so much?

Several factors influence the variation in handyman rates:

  1. Location: Rates are higher in areas with a high cost of living.
  2. Experience: More experienced handymen charge higher rates for their expertise.
  3. Job Complexity: Complex tasks like plumbing or electrical work are more expensive.
  4. Materials: The cost of materials can add to the overall price.
  5. Travel Costs: If the handyman has to travel a long distance, this can increase the rate.

For example, a handyman in Charleston might charge $150 per hour, while in another area, the rate could be $60-$75 per hour. Understanding these factors helps you make an informed decision.

Ace Handyman Services Charleston

In the next section, we’ll explore the variety of handyman services offered by Ace Handyman, from minor repairs to major home improvements.


Hiring a professional handyman offers immense value. Not only can they tackle a wide range of tasks, but they also bring expertise that ensures the job is done right the first time. This saves you from the stress and potential costs of fixing mistakes.

Ace Handyman Services Charleston is committed to providing high-quality, affordable, and timely services. Our skilled craftsmen are trained to handle everything from minor repairs to major home improvements. We believe in delivering outstanding customer service, ensuring 100% satisfaction with every project.

Whether you need a quick fix or a more complex renovation, you can count on us for reliable and professional service. Visit our pricing page to learn more about our rates and how we can help you with your next project.

Hiring a handyman shouldn’t be a headache. With Ace Handyman Services Charleston, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is in good hands.


Ace Handyman Services in Charleston is a full-service home improvement company that provides quality workmanship and excellent customer service that offers a wide range of services.

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